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¿What the &#%@ is Munditareas?

Australia is the path that most of us have chosen. It’s an adventure that doesn’t stop. It’s full of stories, smiles, landscapes, friends, kangaroos, koalas, Carlton Draught and a difficult accent to follow. Each story is a gift. Make yours one of those stories, that without photos nobody believes. If you are here studying, then learn and have fun. If there are assessments don’t stress over it, we are here to help you.

Our goal is to facilitate assessments for you in Australia. Munditareas helps international students by doing any VET course assessment. Our quality services and expertise allow us to call ourselves the best in the area for more than 3 years. We’ve helped thousands of Spanish-speaking students in the world who have trusted Munditareas.

In Australia we have performed more than a thousand assessments throughout 2019. We have a great team, that has a vast knowledge of Business, Project management, Leadership and management, Marketing and Communication, Accounting, among other courses.

Un vistazo a mi historia - Juan Sebastian Franco (Co-Founder)

Less stress More Fun

When I arrived in Australia my dream became true.
I always had wanted to improve my English and travel around. It is amazing to meet people from different countries. They all speak different languages. Besides we all enjoy a beach nearby and a lot of events every month where I can make a thousand of friends. It is a perfect life… But suddenly my paradise turns into and end. I found out that there is only one way to make it last longer. It is unbelievable, everyday I meet tons of students who apply for a student visa, and they face assessments that they don’t want to do. Many of them choose to study what the agencies offer.
I have been told that if I wanted to stay here, I had to keep studying something, even if I didn’t like it. It was the price for a longer journey. There are plenty of agencies, and many of them only care about making money. They make us study something we don’t like. They trick us to pay for a school, and they say that is what they can offer. They don’t really help us extend our stay, they just want to sell a course.
Therefore, I have decided I will take this stress away, from all those who were tricked into something they don’t like. I will help them, and then they will focus on what they really want and their heart wishes.
So here I go.
Every day is amazing. I am so happy and I really enjoy the experience… and for the «assessments day» I’ve got it covered. I don’t like to waste a lot of time doing something that I don’t want.
Now I live with less stress and more fun.